When a customer starts thinking about a new vehicle, there is a possibility that they will return to the last dealership they bought from… but that doesn’t mean they aren’t browsing other dealerships online. So what can you do to keep your customer and gain new customers online? As a […]

Your Customers Aren’t Loyal Anymore

Canada’s first (and only) data on common problems Last week, we shared how Auto dealers across Canada are using Accu-Trade’s powerful Instant Offer feature to drive more leads. It gives you the power to offer customers a firm price range for a trade-in. That drives more leads from dealer web […]

This Changes Everything

Auto dealers across Canada love using Accu-Trade to drive more leads to their dealership. With Accu-Trade’s Instant Offer tool, visitors to a dealer site can answer a few simple questions to get a solid price range for their trade-in. That leads directly to more sales. Last week, we introduced a […]

Drive More Leads To Your Dealership