Anyone else try the rumble seats at the movies?

The other day the Mrs. and I splurged on the best seats in the house.

“A movie theatre seat that moves, so you can move with the movie!” – was the hype.

I found it took away from the experience.  It was ill timed, and had too much motion especially at parts when all I wanted was to watch the movie.

Now I’m sure some of you love those seats and can’t imagine watching another movie sitting elsewhere, but as the M&M’s were rattling away in the cup holder, I thought “I paid extra for this?”

In the end, I didn’t like all the extra overload.  I just wanted the movie.

It was a lot like like wholesale pricing.  I just want the price of the vehicle, I don’t need the bumps, the banging of the seat, I need the price that will make it liquid and ideally for a profit.

This is what the pricing tool does.

It’s the tool the largest wholesaler in the world uses to turn 800 vehicles a week, and is now available to everyone.  It is game time.

Sean Liptay

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