Here’s something you might find interesting.

The founder of, Robert Hollenshead, is the largest wholesaler in the world. Myself, I cut my wholesale teeth in the auction world.  In fact, nearly every member of the Accu-team has wholesale automotive lineage.  We know the wholesale market and wholesale pricing.

We also know some of the slang:

Here’s some of the best:

  • Full Jam Sam – A fully loaded vehicle
  • Leather Guts and all – leather interior 
  • Help Me, Honda! – rough Honda
  • Knee Deep in Rubber  – the car has new or almost new tires
  • You’ve got three choices: Yes, yes or yes! – Just make the deal!
  • Opportunity knocking – nice vehicle but with engine noise
  • Buy & Drive – retail/lot ready piece
  • Bingo Driver – Low Mileage, older vehicles (Sometimes called a Sunday driver!)

Alright, that is it for today.

To price wholesale for the market use Accu-Trade.


Sean Liptay


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