5 SUBTLE items to look for when walking an Appraisal or Wholesale Vehicle

When asked to “walk” a vehicle for someone not there in person, besides the normal obvious items you look for, here is a list of concerns that, though they may not make or break a deal, will definitely point to the life a vehicle has had:

  • Is there a trailer hitch?  Does one make sense for the vehicle? A compact car sporting a 2” hitch on the back is cause for concern
  • Brand of tires – more pricey brands probably means a better maintained vehicle
  • Winter/Summer tires with it….if they were conscientious enough to throw the extras tire in…they were probably aware enough to have vehicle maintained correctly
  • Bumper stickers, air fresheners, fuzzy dice Etc…make me nervous
  • What’s on the radio pre-set buttons?  Find me a car that has the classical music radio stations pre-tuned in…and I’ll show you a car that was driven thoughtfully

Obviously, the lack of these items aren’t show stoppers but any combination of them has always made me more comfortable attesting to the quality of the vehicle.

Til next time… may all your wholesale pieces be “knee deep in rubber”


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