Transparent and real-time trade-in tool designed to modernize the marketplace for vehicle acquisition and remarketing SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 24, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TrueCar, Inc. (NASDAQ:TRUE), announced today the signing of a memorandum of understanding to partner with R. Hollenshead Auto Sales (“Hollenshead”) and its subsidiary Galves Market Data. […]

TrueCar and Galves Market Data Announce Plans to Launch TrueCar ...

Think about this simple question.  What is “wholesale”?    The answer is interesting and worth considering when making a decision of what a vehicle is worth, a specific 17 digit VIN.   The  definition it is fundamental understanding a  pricing tool or validity of pricing process.  It is also fundamental using […]

Defining Wholesale and Commoditization

The analogous line: Books & market reports are maps. Accutrade is VIN specific navigation. That’s the elevator speech, the following is some detail. A map costs little and could get you to the neighborhood, anybody can make one. Navigation costs a bit more to create and maintain, but delivers you […]

Books & Market Reports are maps. Accu-Trade is VIN specific ...

Selling a vehicle in any wholesale marketplace, then getting market value for it and not selling it because you “want” more $ for it creates a paradox. ***By wanting to make more, you actually make less.*** Here’s what happens when you “No-Sale” after getting a market value offer: The Buyer’s […]

The Paradox of the “No Sale”

The other day the Mrs. and I splurged on the best seats in the house. “A movie theatre seat that moves, so you can move with the movie!” – was the hype. I found it took away from the experience.  It was ill timed, and had too much motion especially […]

Anyone else try the rumble seats at the movies?

The founder of, Robert Hollenshead, is the largest wholesaler in the world. Myself, I cut my wholesale teeth in the auction world.  In fact, nearly every member of the Accu-team has wholesale automotive lineage.  We know the wholesale market and wholesale pricing. We also know some of the slang: […]

Here’s something you might find interesting.

When asked to “walk” a vehicle for someone not there in person, besides the normal obvious items you look for, here is a list of concerns that, though they may not make or break a deal, will definitely point to the life a vehicle has had: Is there a trailer hitch? […]

5 SUBTLE items to look for when walking an Appraisal ...